Saturday, 31 May 2014

Horror Friday

Autistic Meltdown - Horror Friday

Autistic Meltdown 

Ryan was again temporarily excluded for throwing a chair at the headmaster. Ryan was able to communicate enough to say he hates school. No one likes him, the class is too noisy, the lights hurt his eyes. Said he wished he had not been born and that his head is too full of memories. He can’t concentrate when the teacher asks a question because he keeps remembering other things.

I took Ryan back to the GP again who this time did agree to refer him to Paediatric team. I went back to school to discuss this with the head but Ryan refused to get out of the car. He was literally petrified of going back in to the school. I got back home and we had a lovely evening. We did some work in a literacy workbook and watched a documentary on Orcas.

Autistic Meltdowns are not Tantrums

He asked for a biscuit and I agreed he could have one. He took 4. When I asked him to put 3 back he began a 20 minute meltdown. Kicking, hitting, biting. Screaming he wanted to kill himself. DadiSkilts had to restrain him until he eventually cried himself out. Now I know you are all reading this thinking that it is bad parenting. 6 year olds don’t have tantrums like that. Let me assure you though, these are not like terrible twos tantrums. These are full blown meltdowns. Where stresses build up inside to an unmanageable level and eventually simply explode out. His worst melt down in terms of destruction took place on 19th May 2008 and is detailed in our blog post Sodium Benzoate

Ryan single-handedly trashed his year 2 classroom.

Fizzy Pop Bottle

If you would for a minute indulge me please and think of Ryan as a fizzy bottle of pop. All day he had stresses building in school. Thoughts he can’t filter – SHAKE the bottle a little bit. Lights hurt his eyes – SHAKE the bottle a little bit more. Not understanding the social commands put on him in a school environment – SHAKE that bottle a little bit more. Eventually the teacher or head asked him to do something and that was the equivalent of unscrewing that lid just a little way. A jet of fizz explodes out the sides and this equated to him throwing a chair. He was then excluded, I came to get him - (the lid is quickly tightened to stop the fizz). We go to GP – bottle gets shaken again. Back to school – shaken again. I ask him to put 3 biscuits back and at the same time effectively unscrew and remove the lid of the shaken bottle. You know what happens, fizz volcano, that is a meltdown.

This was a brilliant description that was explained to me when Ryan met his Educational Psychologist for the first time. I’ll introduce you to her later. 

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