Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Organic Teddy Bears

GSD, Beagle, JRT dogs

Hi I'm Ryan. 

I used to play Xbox and games like Call of Duty and Minecraft. Other games are available. Now I am a PC gamer. I play Warframe, Terraria and CSGO.

I am not religious, I used to have Asthma, I am hyper-mobile which means I can dislocate my thumb and roll my belly muscles. I can move my diaphragm downwards at least I think that’s what it is.

I remember Nanny and Granddads’ house in Birmingham with the humongous stairs. There were about 5 flights, but I don’t remember my own home. I don’t really remember the 1st house we lived in when we moved to Wales, but I do remember there was a snow day and we played outside. I sort of remember the farm house though. At the second house we moved to in Wales there was a pig sty and a little cubby hole in the middle of the stairs.

I was probably the worst behaved child in the entire school. I only really remember one of the teachers with many names, Evil Edna, The Soul Taker, Mrs Reaper. I trashed the year 2 class room. I threw a chair at a teacher, she wasn't the best. Top tip - Don’t work in a school if you hate children. There was a shop across the road from the school and a park with a field behind it and a pub to the left. I used to run away from school and hide up in the tree.

Living with autism is imaginative. Not different from any other human just a unique mind set. 

Autism Word Cloud / Wordle

Animals are sometimes your best friends; they are friendly, cuddle with you, cute & soft, like organic teddy bears. Sometimes though, they are your worst friends when they scratch on your door and wake you up. When they are purring or meowing or barking at 6 o’clock in the morning.

I don’t have much of a social life; three quarters of it is in my pocket (my phone), the rest of it’s at school. I went to a different school in year 3, it was okay. Some of the teachers didn’t really like me, there was one teacher there that I remembered the most. Mr Jones my year 4 & 6 teacher. He may have been mean but he taught me a lot of skills I still use today, how to tie a tie; how to deal with change; how to use a pencil properly. I also went to War Hammer 40,000 club and I enjoyed it. It was just a board game but really fun.

Secondary school has lots of mean teachers but Mr Johnson is the funniest, coolest and   shows his nice side more than his mean. I give school overall 3 and a half stars out of 5.


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    1. Thanks Jo. This was Ry's first blog post almost 3 years ago now. So much has happened since then. Thank you for following.

  2. For absolutely no reason at all - I always remember the lady teacher that taught me to tie my shoe laces!


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