Saturday, 21 June 2014

Additional Needs

I have never really liked the term ‘special needs’. Every child is special and every child has needs, so I therefore have previously used Specific Needs.

Just as I have never really liked the term ‘disabililty’. Ryan and I use and much prefer ‘diffability’; to mean Different Abilities.

In my previous post I talked about the statutory assessment process that we went through with Ryan who now has a legally binding document setting out his specific educational needs. My original intent for the focus of this post was to go into greater detail on the 26 week assessment process and discuss Ryan’s statement to offer advise to anyone embarking on a similar journey.     

I have however, now changed my mind on the focus of this post and decided instead to discuss additional needs. I will therefore not to bore you with all the details of statementing for 2 reasons:

1st it is 16 pages long and secondly, from this year, 2014, statements no longer exist. They have been/are being phased out across the UK and are being replaced with an alternative system “which is more flexible, needs led and less bureaucratic” (Quote from council documentation) called Individual Development Plans (IDPs).

The term SEN has now also been replaced (yay) with ALN – additional learning needs.

There is lots of information about these new plans on various news sites if you do a quick Google search and the NAS has a very good pdf document detailing the new proposals.  I am no expert on this new system as Ryan’s statement will still continue for him. 

Progress not perfection

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