Tuesday, 10 June 2014

MRI Scan

Ryan: I was fine with the MRI scan. I had a bad foot anyway then mum made me walk a long way. I don’t know how far it was don’t ask me, but I still have bad feet now technically.

It looked like one of the machines from Avatar. It was really cold in the room. It was loud noises. It had loud noises. It made loud noises. Yeah MADE.

I had to lay down on the bed, they gave me headphones so that I could listen to my movie and to drown out some of the noise.  It made lots of noise, I think we said that already.

There was an angled mirror that the nurse put over my eyes so that I could watch my Pokemon Movie.

Stay calm, lay still, don’t think too much and stay happy is the advice I would give to anyone who needs to have a scan. I’ve done it 3 times in total, I don’t really remember the others.  I think I fell asleep listening to some music. The machine was really loud. Did I mention that?

I got paid £50 each time I went to London, but my mum lost it on one trip when I gave it to her to look after.

Reading my brain waves tests against a normal person. Well not normal an average person. What is normal?

Mami: Ryan said he found writing this post really hard. He thinks writing fiction is much easier. He said to me “I can write fiction, I don’t have to think about it, it just comes out, but writing facts is hard because you have to say what you think of and how you feel about things.”

Yet Autistic children generally find imagination/imaginative play difficult. Ryan says he prefers to make up a pretend world and live in it, because it is easier for him to cope with. 

Ryan's brain scan 2011

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