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By Ryan

I like photos. Well the detail and how realistic you can get them. Instead of going out and looking at them yourself you can easily just find them, but doing photography you do that yourself.

In a good picture I look for detail and how good it looks, which comes under detail actually, lighting, depth, what’s in the background, what’s the main focus of the picture that type of stuff.

Western Australia

Possibly my autism has helped me to see the detail in making a good photograph. I looked at it a bit more. I can see deeper into the picture. I get the meaning of it. I can see why somebody took it either for the beauty of it or just for fun maybe.

Just for fun

With my photography I am not having to interact with people or do the social thing that I find difficult. It’s a project I can do by myself in my own time.  My photos don’t involve people. I prefer wildlife and landscape photography instead.

I don’t take photos of animals even though I like them because well finding the animals is actually the problem not actually taking the picture of them. You've got to go out and find the animal you are wanting to take the photo of, which could take a long time, especially since most insects and other bug type creatures are quite sensitive and they don’t like to be around things that are significantly larger than them and they generally move off if you come too close.

I don’t take pictures of buildings either because you could easily make that anywhere. It’s man made so you can just make it and make it and make it, but with nature it’s always changing, it will never really be the same and I want to capture that moment. That is sort of what a picture is. Well taking a picture is just taking a moment of time and keeping there.

I have only been taking photos for about a year since I got my Galaxy Note phone.  I have looked at a lot of photos in my time on Google images (other search engines are available) but I kept on thinking to myself could I make that picture better or could I just take that picture, do I have the skills to do it? So I started trying photography and I was okay at it, I was pretty good. I developed my skills.  I haven’t taken classes I have just self taught photography. You know it’s not that hard you sort of pick up on the skills.

Depending on what’s in the photo depends on the quality of the photo.  Taking a good photo depends on the field of depth, how far can you see, how much detail do you get out of the photo?  Lighting is quite important a dark photo you can’t really see anything but with a light photo you can see lots of things it just makes the photo look better in general. You don’t want too much sun. Too much then it goes a bit out of focus so you can’t really see as much. You need like an average between dark and light.  

Shadows do help because you don’t get as much flare from the sun like lens flare when it is shining too brightly, like when you flash a torch and you look in to it and can see a lot of the torch even though it’s just a tiny little surface area. Those can be quite annoying in some photos but it does make it a bit more realistic but I don’t prefer them in my photos.

Lens flare.
These are my favourite photos, to see my others on Pinterest click here.


  1. I genuinely enjoyed looking at the photos - and I thought the commentary impressive in its observation and analysis.

  2. Thank you Gran'dad. He took some more lovely ones at Mumbles pier this week which I need to upload. x


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