Saturday, 13 September 2014

Blog Name

With our new logo now chosen by the lovely Ryan and during the running of our competition it got me thinking about the name of our blog and why we called it such an obscure name that has nothing obvious to do with Autism at first glance. I don’t need to give you three guesses on who chose the name. I can’t remember the exact date that Ryan first mentioned Pandas and Bellybuttons to me, but about 12 to 18 months ago he woke up one morning and said to me “Hey mum, did you know there is a Panda in my Bellybutton.” I laughed and said that would make a great title for a book and he told me about a dream he had where there was a Panda living in his Bellybutton.  

He had said before that he wanted to write a book about his Autism so I suggested he use that title and the rest is a wonderful history of 41 posts to date and almost 2000 views from across the globe. I have dabbled with a couple of blogs previously but this has become a true labour of love. I have always been one to wear my heart on my sleeve, the complete opposite of Ryan, hence me doing most of the story telling. I love the name of our blog, I know it doesn’t conjure up Autism as a first thought but it certainly reflects Ryan’s beautiful different perspective on life.

To me the name signifies how special Pandas are, how rare and protected they are. A conservation reliant and endangered species just like my beautiful boy.  The bellybutton is also significant to life itself the umbilical cord that connects mother to baby.  Philosophical I know but what-ever the name means to each individual it is here to stay.  

This was the entry we had for our logo competition that came 2nd.

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