Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Xbox Meltdown

Ryan missed the last two weeks before the Easter term break as he was being treated for Glandular fever and severe anemia. I was given some school work to been done over the holiday once he was well enough so as not to fall too far behind in school. I asked him several times about completing it and things came to a head on the second Wednesday when at first he tried to lie that he had done the work, but then became quite rude verbally so I asked Dadi Skilts to help me out, but Ryan was this time really rude, so Duncan turned off the Xbox and it became a full blown melt down. He punched the bedroom door enough to make his hand bleed and then took several chunks out of my kitchen table.

Eventually cried himself out so I was then able to sit at the kitchen table and managed to talk him down, and I realised just how isolated from and scared of the world that Ryan feels and I am seriously concerned now about his total obsession with Xbox/Laptop and Skype as his way of not having to deal with or face the world. He is absolutely petrified of the future, where he is going to fit into the world and how school is already pressuring them to think about their options.  The mental health worries is the accumulation I think of constantly being ill, missing so much school and his general social problems from Autism teamed with typical puberty. The Wednesday evening was much calmer and we even talked through a plan of action for completing the outstanding work.  

The following day he came into town to walk Mojo with me I treated him to Heavenly ice cream and all was right with the world. We even sat together and did his Maths homework on the laptop. He really didn't want to go to the NAS Funsters session and although I should have gone I was just too tired emotionally and physically.  The blowout does seem to have helped him release some major stresses just like a volcano or earth quake and all is calm again for a while now while the stresses build again. It is up to me now to be more on the ball with him and try to have some smaller releases more often rather than one huge mega disaster.

I have suggested to him and had some tentative agreement from him that I truly think it would be a good idea to find a hobby that does not involve computers or gaming. He has never been remotely sporty so we need to find something just that little bit different, just like Ryan himself.....


  1. Try Scouting. It would introduce him to mateship, hiking, camping, swimming, even in my day - they did mixed (but heavily supervised) camping. Does your support group have an autistic girl Ryan's age? Might solve a problem for another mother!

    1. I am sorry I never replied to this comment. I missed it somehow. Ryan tried Beavers when he was younger, but struggled to settle in and unfortunately the group felt unable to cope with such a complex child. He is happy now with his friendship group and hobbies thank you.


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