Thursday, 28 May 2015

Happy Birthday Panda

I can't believe it has been a year since I began documenting our journey and life living with Autism and as I have said many times before it is the most rewarding chaos I have ever had the honour of experiencing.

Our blog has received over 3,800 views and we have published 51 posts which is quite simply mind blowing. I am not sure what we did expect when we started this process but we never expected it to be this big and wonderful. 

To mark Panda's 1st birthday we are recapping the top 3 posts that you lovely readers have either clicked on or shared during the last 12 months. They are:

3rd place: Photograblog with 62 page views (and my favourite post).

2nd place:Myths & Misconceptions with 70 page views. 

and in 

1st place: Horror Friday with an amazing 71 page views. 

I particularly like this post and agree it certainly deserves a place in the top 3 due to the amazing description I was given of what an autistic meltdown is like. It also brings together in a cumulative summary the disastrous beginning Ryan experienced to his education and the amazing transformation we have fortunately seen since then to the amazing teenager he is today.

I would like to turn this post and celebration over to you now and ask you to vote for your other favourite post or posts and thank you all for the support family, friends and fellow bloggers have given to us over the years helping us all on our journey together. Please do feel free to share our blog with any one you think would enjoy our story and benefit from some of the information we have gathered together. 

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