Thursday, 27 October 2016

Biopsy #1

Monday 18 July 2016 saw another full day at the Carmarthen Hospital children's ward. My gorgeous boy had an ENT appointment on the Monday morning to have an endoscopy. The image was amazingly clear and showed a large mass, covering the base of tongue, left tonsil area and soft pallete area. By 2pm that afternoon he had an MRI scan done and was booked in for an emergency 2 hour Biopsy operation the following morning of Tuesday 19th under general anesthetic. With the results due 10 days later on the following Friday. 
So up to this point we had gone through two years of illness. 5 months of real hell and suddenly in a week had visited almost every possible department the NHS has to offer.  I wont lie, I have had better days than this particular Monday, but we are finally moving forward. Lymphoma is top of the list with Squamous cell carcinoma also being looked at. 
As daft as it may sound I was actually relieved in a twisted kind of way that I was right. I knew something had been very wrong, for a very long time. At least once we know for definite we can have a plan of attack and start treatment. 
The biopsy operation went well, although Ryan's blood pressure was quite low afterwards and he took a longer time than is usually seen to come round fully. The Surgeons were somewhat puzzled by the ulcerated masses they found. They have seen similar before but in older men who are heavy smokers. Several biopsies were sent off straight from op and we were advised to return for an appointment back at the children's ward on Tuesday 26th to discuss the results, (if they come back with a clear answer of course). This surprised me as Biopsies always take longer than a week for testing, surly?
He had to have an xray last that night on his jaw area to see if there was any spread and the doctors allowed us home the following day wait without worrying. What a laugh. 

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