Saturday, 22 October 2016

Year 9 Options

You may have noticed I didn't post for more than a year between "Glandular Fever' and 'Lymphoma Road'. The reason for our absence is that in fact Ryan has been ill since September 2014 with recurring sore throats and temperatures, indicative of tonsillitis. He was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus which causes Glandular Fever in March 2015 and missed 6 weeks of school.
His health did not improve over the next 12 months and from February 2016 he deteriorated significantly. He lost 10kgs in weight and developed: Appetite loss, Severe Fatigue, Painful joints, Sore throats, Intermittent fevers (which last 4 days on average), Night sweats, Dizzy spells, Mouth ulcers, Pallor, Dysphagia. His CRP reading was 31 in May 2016. 
This sucked both health and timing wise as it was right at the critical point of him choosing his year 9 options in school for the subjects he was going to begin studying for his GCSEs. Although Ryan was absent from school, we were still able to complete the options paperwork and Ryan picked ICT, computer science and RMT.  
Our GP decided that the high CRP level warranted further investigation as Ryan had by that point been ill for 20 months, so we were referred to a Paediatric Consultant (PC). We had our first appointment with PC on 13th June 2016. PC felt Ryan's problems were down to poor diet and poor oral hygiene, but "for completness" agreed to run some tests. Ryan had a chest xray and every single possible blood test performed that afternoon. I recieved a letter on 30th June from PC explaining cervical glands were present and that he will discuss the results in detail at the our next appointment a month later. 

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