Sunday, 1 January 2017

Dreams and Wishes

For some idiotic reason I thought it would be a good idea to sign up to Sober October. Macmillan have already given us such huge support since Ryan's diagnosis and I thought there is no way I can get through this without wine, but then Ryan has to battle this without, so surly I can support him without and wanted to give something back. 

£375 was raised for Macmillan in two weeks which was just fantastic. I found it hard, I won't lie, but seeing this figure was all the motivation I needed.  💜💚💜

As it transpires October was to prove to be extraordinarily challenging, as Ryan battled sepsisI am pleased to be able to say, as I type this, that Ryan has fully recovered from his Sepsis. After 10 days in the TCT unit, Cardiff of rest, fluids, antibiotics, enteral feeding, steroids and radiotherapy I can actually report that Ryan is no longer malnourished to the point that his able to eat solid food for the first time in three months and he said to me today that he doesn't need to contort his neck now to ease the pain when eating.

Unfortunately this is only a short term respite as radiotherapy side effects began to show towards the end of his third week, but we were able to arrange for Dreams and Wishes to deliver his first ever new phone to Velindre Cancer Centre which was a small positive. 

In total during Sober October, I was able to raise a staggering £415 for Macmillan which was just wonderful. 💚💜💚 and I discovered also that his radiotherapy dot is in fact a real life actual tattoo. He is 14 I tell you. Can E4TattooFixers customise it do you think?

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