Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Cashing in on Cancer

Those of you that follow our blog regularly may remember a similar titled post that I wrote way back in September 2014 where I talked about Cashing in on Autism. Hey I know, I can't usually remember what I did yesterday, but I do remember all of our posts.

In this post I discussed not wanting to put ads into my blog as I didn't want to make money from Ryan's autism. Cancer however is a whole other story. Times have changed. I have had to temporarily stop work in order to care for Ry as he needs 24hr a day monitoring and meds. Cancer is expensive, so expensive. My pay has already dropped by half, yet our heating, electricity, food bills and travelling expenses have all increased. 

According to the cancer charity CLIC Sargent cancer costs on average £600 extra a month. I would agree with this figure yet my wages have halved. This is why I have made the decision to allow adverts onto my blog. 

As was commented on my previous post on this subject. Just because something is advertised on your Blog does not mean that money jumps out of MY pocket. 

I thought this to be very sound advice and hope that you can accept the addition to our journey. 


  1. The advert on my version of your blog is very relevant in that it advertises the tourist train from Adelaide to Darwin (The Ghan) which is our next 'holiday' where we will put the car on the back of the train - go up to the north of Australia, then slowly drive all the way back the long way round. Hope you get £100 from the advert!

    1. What a fantastic idea for holiday. Being able to take your car on the train, I suppose similar to our eurotunnel shuttle train. I would love to do the Perth to Sydney train.


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