Friday, 24 February 2017

Fish Tank Therapy

While Ryan was going through his radiotherapy treatment he asked about having some fish again. When I say again we used to have a fish tank back in 2010, but when House met Van the fish unfortunately did not survive the ordeal.

Ry sold the idea to me as therapy to help him relax while recovering at home and the tank light would act as a night light for him also.

Corydora catfish

His birthday is in November, so the timing of his suggestion made perfect sense and solved the annual ‘what to get’ dilema.

Once his radio therapy finished the week after his 15th birthday we took Ryan shopping to purchase a new tank to set up and cycle before adding any fish as we chose to go for a basic tropical fish set up with the plan to house some tetra and corydora catfish.

Neon tetra

Ryan’s tank is now three months old and we are doing really well. The fish seem happy enough and more importantly, we haven’t lost any yet, so we must be doing something right. Ry feeds them every day, but I do all the cleaning and maintenance so as not to put him at any risk while he is neutropenic.

SpongeBob theme
We are hoping to add a few more small fish soon, but not sure what to go for. More tetra? Guppies? Ideas welcomed. Comment below with your suggestions.


  1. We had a tank before Duncs was born. Neon Tetras and others that the shop recommended as compatible. We made a mistake, though, with a Catfish - which ate the baby fish when they hatched. Lilian may remember more.

    1. That is remembering a few years back. I know my own dad kept fish too and my sister is an avid keeper also. I may get her to write a blog post.

      You possibly had guppies as they are live breeders.

  2. My hubby also has a fish tank. He can spend hours watching them enjoy thier tiny world! It really seem to be his calm space. Glad Ryan could enjoy it too.

    1. What a lovely comment. My sister is an avid fish keeper too. I am hoping she will do me a guest post. Thank you for joining the chat.


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