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I Am Ryan

I Am Ryan, Yearly roundup interview.

I Am...Ryan

I previously published a similar post called I Am... Autism which was a mini-interview with Ryan that gave an insight into his autistic mind. This post is a different interview and a little more light-hearted as our recent posts about his cancer journey have been anything but.

So here goes. Grab a quick break and enjoy...
WITHOUT any prompting, ask your child these questions & write down EXACTLY what they say. It is a great and funny way to find out exactly what they think. Ryan, Age: 15 1. What is something Mummy always says to you? You need to take your meds. 2. What makes Mummy happy? Me. 3. What makes Mummy sad? Not having me. 4. How does Mummy make you laugh? She doesn't. 5. What was Mummy like as a child? I don't know I wasn’t there. 6. How old is Mummy? 30 plus 10 ish. 7. How tall is Mummy? Shorter than me. 8. What is Mummy's favourite thing to do? Nag. 9. What does Mummy do when you're not here? Drink. 10. If Mummy becomes famous what will it be for? Child abuse. 11. What is Mummy really good at? Drinking. 12. What is Mummy not very good at? Staying sober. 13. What is Mummy's job? Teacher assistant. 14. What makes you proud of Mummy? Nothing. I don't feel pride. 15. What is Mummy's favourite food? Brandy. 16. What do you & Mummy do together? Watch videos. 17. How are you & Mummy the same? We are human. 18. If your Mummy was a cartoon character who would she be? I don't watch cartoons. 19. How are you & Mummy different? There are too many to list. 20. How do you know Mummy loves you? She keeps on saying it. 21. Where is Mummy's favourite place to go? The fridge. 22. How old was Mummy when she had you? 15 years younger than she is now.
So there you have it. Ryan's current view of the world. I may repeat this another time as it will be interesting to see if any of his answers change.

I also do not necessarily agree with the answers 8 to 12, but I do love the answer to number 5.


  1. There is a grain of observed truth in every response - he pulls no punches - but why should he, you asked - he answered! I give it an "A" for Answers.

    1. So true. I love his honesty and no holds barred approach. You know where you stand. The world should be more Ryan. :D


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By Ryan I like photos. Well the detail and how realistic you can get them. Instead of going out and looking at them yourself you can easily just find them, but doing photography you do that yourself. In a good picture I look for detail and how good it looks, which comes under detail actually, lighting, depth, what’s in the background, what’s the main focus of the picture that type of stuff. Possibly my autism has helped me to see the detail in making a good photograph. I looked at it a bit more. I can see deeper into the picture. I get the meaning of it. I can see why somebody took it either for the beauty of it or just for fun maybe. With my photography I am not having to interact with people or do the social thing that I find difficult. It’s a project I can do by myself in my own time.  My photos don’t involve people. I prefer wildlife and landscape photography instead. I don’t take photos of animals even though I like them because well fi