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What is a Marmington?

Ryan continued to show signs of post traumatic stress disorder and was in close contact with a myriad of health professionals, but the good news was that he had finally gone through his assessment process for a statement and a proposed statement of education needs was issued in June 2010, when Ryan was eight years old. He asked me one day soon after starting year 4 in Sept 2010 if I knew what a ‘Marmington’ was? I admitted that I did not. He explained that it was a bald man, with white eyes and long fingernails from his nightmares. He continued to suffer with his sleep so his Melatonin was increased and a slow release version also given to help calm him. This worked for a short while but unfortunately Ryan was once again excluded from school for violent behaviour just before his 9 th birthday. His behaviour continued to prove erratic and he was finally given an opportunity to attend a program of social skills groups with the Speech and Language therapy team, which went

When House Met Van

Day 1 Wednesday 13.1.2010 was not a usual Wednesday morning but it was similar  to recent days. Snow had been laying for over 3 weeks and we had another 5-8cm fall on Tuesday night so the Primary school was shut yet again due to dangerous roads & pavements and broken heating. My work was open however, so Dunk decided to work from home to look after boys and we decided there was little point dragging Owen up and out to trek Ryan across to his school as the conditions were not safe so we let them sleep in. I had a leisurely breakfast and left for work early as the roads were very slushy and icy. I got to work on time but very few children had yet made it to school so I put my bag and coat by and sat down to sort out the readers I was going to listen to that day; it was 9:05am and my phone rang. “oooppps, sorry Mrs H-P I forgot to put my phone on silent”. The actual phone conversation is somewhat hazy at this point by it went something like: Dunk – “COME HOME! VAN HIT HOUSE”