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Cashing in on Cancer

Those of you that follow our blog regularly may remember a similarly titled post that I wrote where I talked about  Cashing in on Autism . In that post , I discussed not wanting to put adverts into my blog as I didn't want to make money from Ryan's autism. Cancer , however, is a whole other story. Times have changed. I have had to take voluntary redundancy and stop work in order to care for Ryan as he needs 24hr a day monitoring, medication and care. Cancer is expensive, so expensive. We are now a one wage family of four, yet our heating, electricity, food bills and travelling expenses have all increased.  According to the cancer charity CLIC Sargent c ancer costs on average £600 extra a month. I would agree with this figure yet my wages have disappeared . This is why I have made the decision to look at other income sources to help our family.  As was commented on my previous post on this subject.  Just because something is advertised on your blog does not mean that mo