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Immunotherapy Treatment - Pembrolizumab

Experimental Treatment Pembrolizumab is one of a number of immunotherapy treatments that are revolutionising the fight against cancer around the world. The future of medicine may eventually see these treatments used as the first line of defence against Cancer, which does not affect neutrophil counts or cause hair loss which are two of the biggest disadvantages of chemotherapy treatment. Immunotherapy targets only certain cells, meaning you don’t kill all the good cells off as happens with chemotherapy, making it more tolerable.  It has been found to be effective in treating some types of cancer where other treatments have failed to work.  Immune System Your immune system is how your body protects itself against infections and diseases. It recognises if you pick up a virus or bacteria germs that shouldn't be there. Your immune system also helps to destroy any old cells or damaged or broken cells, cancer is clever and it can trick your immune system into thinking that the cell

Ryan’s Relapse - Biopsy #2

Oral Mass Ryan woke up on Monday 11 September 2017 and told me he had a mouth ulcer. As soon as he showed me I knew it was not an ulcer, I knew his lymphoma is back. We had an appointment with his oncologist at the clinic the following day. The consultant, Dr A, agreed it needed a biopsy. He photographed the mass and emailed our oncology team in Cardiff from the treatment room at Carmarthen hospital. Dr A also advised me that my dentist see the oral mass as it was my dentist that first noticed the original changes the previous year. My dentist was thankful we had been to see him and to keep him in the loop of developments. He agreed the new mass was looking pretty awful. We were admitted to Cardiff hospital the following day for another biopsy. Our oncology team were open and honest that it was their belief Ryan had relapsed but obviously we had to wait for the biopsy results to confirm the diagnosis. We were initially advised that we would be discharged on watch and wait and that