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Stepping Stones - Positive Parenting Programme

May 2009 sees us as a family begin the Positive Parenting Programme, taking steps towards managing children’s behaviour. It was a very good programme which we all benefited from and our mentor/facilitator gave us excellent support and guidance and it was through her that we first considered the option of moving Ryan to a different school. Ryan had another major meltdown in school because he had chipped his front tooth the night before in the bath and wanted to go to the dentist but couldn’t understand why he had to wait two days for the appointment. He expects his feelings to be met and catered for but doesn’t accept or even comprehend that anybody else has feelings in return.  I used to find this so hard to deal with.  He said to me when he goes to places that has lots of people he “ Feels like a flower going home”.  When I asked him what that meant. He said (quite calmly and as if I was thick and surely must have known what he meant) “Like a flower; going back down into the gro