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Melatonin - Sleep Cycle

Melatonin In humans, melatonin is produced by the pineal gland, a small endocrine gland located in the center of the brain but outside the blood-brain barrier. The melatonin signal forms part of the system that regulates the   sleep-wake cycle   by chemically causing drowsiness and lowering the body temperature, but it is the   central nervous system   (specifically the suprachiasmatic nuclei, or   SCN ) that controls the daily cycle in most components of the   paracrine   and   endocrine   systems rather than the melatonin signal (as was once postulated). Infants' melatonin levels become regular in about the third month after birth, with the highest levels measured between midnight and 8:00 AM. In humans, 90% of melatonin is cleared in a single passage through the liver, a small amount is excreted in urine   and a small amount is found in saliva. Human melatonin production decreases as a person ages.   Also, as children become teenagers, the nightly schedule of me

Autism Spectrum Condition Diagnosis

The paediatrics team confirmed officially a diagnosis of Aspergers in June 2009 and Ryan now 7 was then placed on the waiting list for the ASD team*.  A full report was sent to the school detailing Education provision required. Referral made for Occupational Therapy and Melatonin prescribed. Unfortunately the LEA did not agree, even though Ryan had 17 further major meltdowns (10 in school & 7 at home) over the next 6 months with 6 formal letters from my MP to the LEA and a final step of moving Ryan to a new school for them to finally agree to a formal statutory assessment for a Statement of Educational Needs.  Bear in mind also, I now had 2 children in separate primary schools 10 miles apart, while DS & I worked 22 & 25 miles respectively in the opposite directions to the 2 schools. School runs were a fun time as they both started and finished and the same times of day, but ne