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SMILE Chemotherapy Treatment

What a ridiculous name! I have made several requests that the name of the protocol is changed, but it was created in Japan, so I have little influence. There are 5 drugs that make up the protocol which give the acronym SMILE. The drugs that Ryan is subjected to are as follows: Steroid Dexamethasone , days 2-4: A steroid used as an anti-inflammatory, increase appetite, prevents reactions.  Side effects: Muscle weakness, mood swings, insomnia. Methotrexate , day 1:  A cytotoxic - Anti Cancer Antimetobolite drug that prevents cell division.  Side effects: Neutropenia, Alopecia, Fertility. Ifosfamide , days 2-4: A cytotoxic - Anti Cancer Alkylating Agent that changes cell DNA.  Side effects: Neutropenia, Alopecia, Fertility. L-asparaginase ,  day 8: A cytotoxic - Anti Cancer Pancreatitis Enzyme that breaks down asparagine in the body. Since the cancer cells cannot make more asparagine, they die. Side effects: Anaphylaxis, Neurotoxicity, Liver function. Etoposide ,  days 2-4: A cytotoxic -

NK/T-cell Lymphoma

Lymphoma Diagnosis August 2016 we received the gut-wrenching news that haematology consultants at Children's Hospital of Wales, Cardiff believed Ryan aged 14 had a rare form of Lymphoma, known only to Asian and Latin American populations of men over the age of 50. Up to this point Ryan had been ill for much of the preceding 2 years battling glandular fever that never improved and I battled with GPs to try and discover what was wrong.  Sometimes The Battle Chooses You There were still further tests that were needed, as the experts were baffled to see this cancer in a 14-year-old Western European Caucasian boy. We were given the confirmation diagnosis of EBV positive extra nodal NK/T-cell non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Stage 1, in September 2016. It is a bit of a mouthful literally as the lymphoma caused a soft tissue tumour to form in his throat. Steroid Chemotherapy commenced while planning began ready for 5 weeks of intense Radiotherapy before embarking on a six-month regime of SMI