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School Exclusions

Throughout Ryan’s school life he has been subjected to many exclusions, some of which have certainly not been the best way of dealing with the situation and quite likely simply used as an easy way out. The following information is what was given to me when I was battling against Ryan’s first school instead of us all working together. It is all taken from the SNAP Cymru website. .  They have provided me with valuable support and guidance over the years that I am very much appreciative of. Voluntary Exclusion - what does this mean? Voluntary exclusion is where schools ask parents/carers to keep their child at home as a way of dealing with behavioural difficulties. This is not good practice and denies pupils their rights to an education and denies both parents and pupils the right to appeal against this form of exclusion. Local Authorities (LA) will consider appropriate measures where schools are found to be using voluntary exclusion. What can parents/ca