SMILE chemotherapy protocol

What a ridiculous name! I have made several requests that the name of the protocol is changed, but it was created in Japan, so I have little influence. 

The drugs that Ryan is subjected to are as follows:

Steroid Dexamethasone, days 2-4: A steroid used as an anti-inflammatory, increase appetite, prevents reactions. 
Side effects: Muscle weakness, mood swings, insomnia.

Methotrexate, day 1:  A cytotoxic - Anti Cancer Antimetobolite drug that prevents cell division. 
Side effects: Neutropenia, Alopecia, Fertility.

Ifosfamide, days 2-4: A cytotoxic - Anti Cancer Alkylating Agent that changes cell DNA. 
Side effects: Neutropenia, Alopecia, Fertility.

L-asparaginase, day 8: A cytotoxic - Anti Cancer Pancreatitis Enzyme that breaks down asparagine in the body. Since the cancer cells cannot make more asparagine, they die.
Side effects: Anaphylaxis, Neurotoxicity, Liver function.

Etoposide, days 2-4: A cytotoxic - Anti Cancer Plant alkaloid that halts cell division.

Side effects: Neutropenia, Alopecia, Fertility. 

Ry also has to take all of these in addition to counteract some of the effects on the body. 

Sodium Lactate500ml Day 1/Electrolytes balance
Phenytoin300mg days 1-6Muscle & bone painAnti-neurotoxicity
Folinic AcidDays 2-5/Assists in Methotrexate breakdown
MesnaDays 2-4/Bladder protection
Filgrastim (GCSF)300mg day 6-15Bone painAssists bone marrow make stem cells for neutrophils
CyclizineDays 1-10/Anti sickness
OndansetronDays 1-10/Anti sickness
Methylene blueprophylaxis for ifosfamide reaction/Ry unfortunately had a grade 1 neurotoxic reaction to Ifosfamide in cycle 2. Click here for more information.